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In recent years, the insurance industry has been facing major challenges as a result of new regulations as well as changes in technology and customer awareness. In such an intense environment, insurance companies are struggling to increase profitability, improve efficiency and deliver the best possible outcome for their clients. JMD can help these companies reach their goals by assisting in the development and execution of their strategies, products and marketing plans. Having been present on the CEE market for more than 10 years, all the while delivering high expertise, JMD is more than prepared to tackle and overcome any challenges our clients might encounter.

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IFRS 17 Insurance contract

JMD can help you deliver compliance with the IFRS 17 insurance model on time, since it will cause a major shift from current major accounting standards for insurance companies. In these times of change, our company can ease this transgression period for our clients significantly, ensuring that they remain on the cutting edge of the insurance industry.

IDD Implementations

Our firm is well equipped and able to assist clients with implementations of the new IDD directive to which insurance companies will have to conform in the near future. Our services in this field include KID generation for unit linked and endowment policies as well as implementing POG, IPID, appropirateness and suitability tests.

Actuarial services

JMD Consulting is well known for providing comprehensive and efficient actuarial services to a wide range of clients. Our years of experience in the insurance industry have prepared us to provide a wide range of services such as actuarial valuations and projections, embedded value calculation, actuarial training and much more.

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